What is DOMP Certification?

Drone Operations & Management Professional (DOMP) Certification is provided by Indian Insitute of Drones which sets one of the highest standards for Drone operations in the world giving extreme importance to the flight safety, operating personnel and adherence to regulatory compliance of the region. Companies are recruiting candidates with DOMP Certification with higher salaries compared to others.

15 Hours of

7 days of

6 Topics in

  • Drone Operations Management
  • Flight Data Management
  • Fleet & Pilots Team Management
  • Device Maintenance including Firmware Management
  • Mission Planning
  • Project Overseeing & Timely Execution
  • Cloud Data Security & Management
  • Regulatory Compliance for Drone Operations
  • Drone Selection for Specific Projects
  • Introduction and Fundamentals of Drone Technology
  • Components and Electronics in a Multi-Rotor
  • Drone Markets
  • RPAS FAQ (Rules and Regulations as per DGCA CAR 1.0)
  • Drone Project Operations and Management
  • Aerodynamics of a Drone
  • Mission Planning, Project Overseeing and Timely Execution
  • Working of NPNT software
  • Check your eligibility
  • Apply online
  • Submit all relevant documents
  • Prepare for Exam either by Reference Book or take up online course
  • Take your Exam
  • Pass your Exam
  • Claim your Digital Certificate and promote your achievement


₹ 4990.0 (incl. GST)