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5 Days of

Up to 25 Kg Weight

15 Topics in

2k Pilots

Curriculum Designed as Per
DGCA Guidelines

Introduction to Multirotor Drones, DGCA Regulations

Regulations of DGCA
  • Classification
  • Salient points
  • Do’s and Don’ts
Basic Principles of Flight
  • Fundamentals of flight Aerodynamics
  • Take-off, Flight and Landing
  • Manuevers, Turns and Patterns
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Multirotor Drones
Multirotor Introduction
  • Basic Drone Terminology
  • Types of Drones
  • Electronic Components in a Multirotor
Drone Equipment Maintenance
  • Maintenance of drone, flight control box, ground station
  • Maintenance of ground equipments, batteries and payload
  • Schedules servicing, repair of equipment
  • Fault finding and rectification
Fixed-wing Operations and Aerodynamics
  • Types of Fixed-wing drones
  • Parts and Terminology of Fixed-wing
  • Basic operation of Fixed-wing

Emergency Identification, Payloads and Image Interpretation

Emergency Identification and Handling
  • In-flight Emergenices
  • Loss of power, control surface failures
Payload - Installation and Utilization
  • Types of payloads
  • Parts of payloads
  • Payload Utilization
Image and Video Interpretation
  • Principles of observation
  • Interpretation of Images
  • Image/Video Analysis
Final Test
  • Final Test - Theory
Introduction to Flight Simulator Training
  • Basic operating features of simulator
  • Selecting different aircrafts and aerodromes
  • Demo flight

Flight Simulator and Lab Sessions

Flight Simulator Training
  • Pre-flight checks and start-up
  • Preparation cum coordination for flight
  • Take-off and flight stage
  • Approach and landing
  • After flight checks
Practical Lessons in Lab
  • Assembling and de-assembling of drone
  • Integration of sub-sections/modules
  • Integration of engine/propulsion system
  • Fault finding and rectification
  • Maintenance and Documentation
Field Flying Session
  • Practical Flying with Instructor

Field Flying Sessions with the Experts

Field Flying Session
  • Practical Flying with Instructor

Field Flying Sessions with the Experts

Field Flying Session
  • Practical Flying with Instructor

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Why Should You Do This Course?
  • Learn where to fly and how to fly legally
  • Get trained from certified and expert instructors
  • Apply for UAOP (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit)
  • You already fly but want to improve your skills and knowledge
  • Learn Emergency Procedures
  • Want to take full advantage of the equipement in hand

Course fee: ₹ 70800.0 (incl. GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who are seeking to complete their operators certificate and have already done the Private Pilots License (PPL) component. Also, Military personnel interested in obtaining training on Militray UAVs related to their respective Defence Force can take this training.

Yes, you can apply for UAOP (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit) after completing this small category multirotor course from IID. This certification is provided in affiliation with Pioneer Flying Academy, DGCA approved FTO.

Many students that complete our Multirotor Drone Pilot course are brand new to drones and flying for the first time in the class. The course starts with the basics for beginners, but also gets great reviews from advanced drone pilots.

No problem! We will be using our own drones to train you for the course.

Yes! The course consitutes both, indoor and outdoor training. The field sessions are followed by classroom sessions.

As part of the pre training pack a list will be provided to you of what you should bring on the day. But in short you will need to bring your UAV & batteries (optional), hat, sunglasses (if you wear them).

Yes, you can bring your drone for the course.

We keep our courses small and limit the course to 6 students.

Please refer to our Refund Policy for details related to refund.

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