Indian Institute of Drones strives to enhance the future of the youth with unprecedented standards in interactive teaching and practical training in the field of unmanned systems technology. We will continue on our endeavours to make a better world.


  • To impart excellence in Drone technology.
  • To produce the most competent drone pilots.
  • To become the best Drone training institute in the world.
  • To revolutionize the future of drone industry.
  • To ingrain the highest flight safety standards in the Drone community.
  • To teach how to protect life, property, nature and self with Drone technology.

Indian Institute of Drones, with Government, registered Regn No. 4/1267/159/206/67 specialized in training Professionals and Drone Technology enthusiasts, who have the willingness to learn the art of flying drones to carry out UAV piloting and operations with great emphasis on safety and security issues. Our specialised staff has many years of experience in the aviation industry and also in the drone industry, primarily from the defence background with certifications from the Ministry of Defence through their respective wings (Army Navy or Air Force). This experience is now being extended to the rapidly growing UAV (Drone) market in the civilian sector. So our students will be certified by Ex- Military UAV pilot. We also periodically affiliate with various organisations around the world for creating a better career for our students.

It is our intention and aims to offer the skill set requirements that tick the DGCA boxes as well as delivering courses that are insightful, fun and above all extend the superior safety and security record that the Indian Aviation Industry enjoys.

Indian Institute of Drones is a Training wing of Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd is present in three different locations at Noida/Chennai/Podili which has very good connectivity. Podili location conducts primarily fixed-wing training and is also our Flight Test Centre. The training at the institute will be carried out by highly qualified Instructors having more than 100 hours of flying experience, giving the learners an in-depth knowledge in unmanned flying and in unmanned systems technologies as per the DGCA CAR.