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Introduction to Multirotor Drones

  • Introduction to Drone crash Investigation
  • Common causes of drone crash
  • Awareness
  • Importance
  • Steps to follow after retrieving
Drone accident investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Rescue operations
  • Duties of crash site guard
  • Initial action of the independent investigator
Practical session on Drone operations investigation
  • Drone pilot logbook
  • Personal record
  • Activity before, during and after the accident
  • Drone pilot qualifications/proficiency
  • Drone pilot flight, duty and rest period
  • Task management, drone pilot resource
  • Management (DRM)
  • Flight manual
  • Pilot operating handbook (POH), standard operating
  • procedures (sops) or checklists
  • Witness interviews
  • Final flight path determination Maintenance manual
  • Adequacy of service, AMC details & Insurance details
Practical session on extracting Logs
  • Data flash logs (Auto pilot)
    • Analysing a log
    • Automatic analysis
    • Manual analysis
  • Telemetry logs (Ground Station)
    • Data Rate
    • Mission Playback
    • 3D Flight Paths
    • Extracting parameters and Waypoints
    • Graphing data from a flight
Practical session using Air data
  • Introduction to Air data
  • Configuration instructions
  • How to register in Air data
  • Extracting data using airdata
  • Finding last location using last GPS
  • Certificate awarding
Why Should You Do This Course?
  • Learn investigation procedure of Drone after crash
  • To identify the circumstances and causes of the Drone crash
  • To improve the flight safety
  • To prevent drone crashes
  • Learn emergency procedures
  • Get hands on experience of Drone crash investigation

Course fee: ₹ 8142.0 (incl. GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a practical and updated training on drone accident investigation, regulations, preliminary measures, search for evidences and causes and safety recommendation.

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