Who can do this training?

Individuals who are seeking to complete their operators certificate and have already done the Private Pilots License (PPL) component. Also, Military personnel interested in obtaining training on Militray UAVs related to their respective Defence Force can take this training.

Who needs this training?

Professionals and Drone Technology enthusiast, who have the willingness to learn the art of flying drones to carryout UAV piloting and operations with great emphasis on safety and security issues.

What do I bring on the day?

As part of the pre training pack a list will be provided to you of what you should bring on the day. But in short you will need to bring your UAV & batteries (optional), hat, sunglasses (if you wear them).

Where do you conduct training?

Indian Institute of Drones is a Training wing of Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd which is present in three different locations at Noida, Chennai, Podili having good connectivity.

What do you do if the weather is bad?

Our team will carry out the weather check, leading up to the day and communicate with students if we need to postpone or move the day.

What qualifications does your instructors have?

Our specialized staff is having many years’ experience in the full-size aviation industry, and have more than 100 hours of flying experience in the drone industry.

What are the payment options for the course?

You can pay the course fee through Cash, Cheque, NEFT or you can pay online on our website.

Do you offer training on all types of UAV?

IID offers training on all currently available flight controllers and UAVs. The airframe is irrelevant. So, if you have built your own UAV but are using any of the currently available flight controller then we can conduct training.

What should I wear on the day?

Dress according to the environment. Comfortable clothing is essential and closed toe shoes. A list of clothing requirements is sent out in the Pre-training pack.

What is the refund policy if I change my mind?

If cancelled before 72 hours of the training day, a refund minus an admin fee can be arranged.

Can I buy drone equipment from IID?

No, but we do have alliances with Johnnette Technologies who have their own products for Drones and Robots available for sale with special discounted rates on gear from affiliated businesses below normal retail rates

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. We currently offer training for individuals who are at least above 18 years of age.