UAV Operators Certificate - UAV OC(No PPL)

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  • Product code: UAVOC

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This full-time course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to give you the practical skills and know-how necessary to be a safe and competent UAV pilot.

With a pass in the PPL theory(Already completed), you will also need to clear the  FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operators License), a Manufacturer’s Type Assessment and a UAV Operators Certificate issued by DGCA.

You’ll be able to exercise the privileges of the UAV Operators Certificate for reward and renumeration. 




Aircraft General Knowledge



UAV Specific:

UAV Anatomy and Theory

Safety and Environmental Awareness

Battery Handling and Storage

Competency Drills

It is highly recommended that textbooks recommended be read and understood before embarking on this course. Much of the content will be revised but it contains information that is essential to a solid grounding for the PPL.

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