How is a Robot helping us explore MARS?
How are Aerial Robots making our lives easier?

We have the answer..

Industry Grade Robotics Training from Industry Experts

Certificate in Robotics

(For School Students)

  • 6-hour Robotics Workshop for school students (Grade 6th and above)

  • Learn all about a Robot - Motors, Electronics, Working

  • Learn how to program a robot with sensors

  • Making a basic Autonomous Robot

  • How robots are helping military forces

  • Aerial Robotics - Drones

1 Day Workshop - JRC 1
Fees: ₹3,500/-

Certificate in Intelligent Robotics

(For College Students)

  • Introduction to Robotics and AI in Robotics

  • Parts of a Robot - Motors, Electronics, Camera Unit, Driver Unit

  • Raspberry Pi - Installing OS, Enabling SSH, Remote Access

  • Introduction to Python programming with Raspberry Pi

  • Programming a Robot using Python

  • Robotics in Industries, Military and Space

1 Day Workshop - JRC 2
Fees: ₹4,000/-

Diploma in AI & Advanced Robotics

(For College Students & Robotics Enthusiasts)

  • Introduction to Robotics and AI in Robotics

  • Parts of a Robot and Assembling a robot

  • Getting acquainted with Raspberry Pi and Python programming

  • Using Computer Vision for Visual Navigation in robots

  • Use of robots in Industries, Military, Space

  • Image and Video Processing, deploying AI in robots

  • Aerial Robotics, Swarm Robotics using AI and IoT

3 Day Course - JRC 3
Fees: ₹10,000/-

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