The draft regulations from DGCA state the requirements for training for drone operators. Extract from the same relating to training is as under:-


 9.1 Remote pilot shall have attained 18 years of age, having passed 10th exam in English, and undergone       ground/ practical training.

 9.2 The ground training shall be obtained at any DGCA approved Flying Training Organization (FTO), and   include the following theory subjects:

  a) Basic Radio Telephony (RT) techniques including knowledge of radio frequencies.

  b) Flight Planning and ATC procedures.

  c) Regulations specific to area of operations.

  d) Basic knowledge of principles of flight and aerodynamics for fixed wing, rotary wing, and hybrid aircraft.

  e) Airspace Structure and Airspace Restrictions with knowledge of No Drone Zones

  f) Basic Aviation Meteorology.

 9.3 The practical training shall comprise of RPA in flight having live component, and/ or simulated flight   training to demonstrate control of RPA throughout its operating conditions, including safe recovery during   emergencies and system malfunction. Minimum syllabus and curriculum for training capsule for Remote Pilot   is given at Annexure-IX.

 9.4 The requirements contained in Para 9.1 through 9.3 of this CAR are not applicable for Nano and Micro   category RPA pilots intending to operate in uncontrolled airspace. However, the owner and user shall be fully   aware of responsibilities for all aspects of flight safety during such operations.


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